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HIPAA 5010 Solutions

JAWOOD can help your organization reach compliance, but we must act fast!

HIPAA 5010 Contingency Solution

Our 5010 Contingency Solution leverages the Felix 5010 Testing Translation product. This 5010 technology product helps in the business analysis, data analysis, and entire testing activities for 5010 implementation.

Features & Benefits

  • Subject matter expert(s) support
  • Over 22 years of Payer testing expertise
  • Convert 4010-to-5010 & 5010-to-4010
  • Create perfect test beds
  • Capture business/system requirements
  • Automated high-volume data conversion
  • Tool supports all HIPAA transactions
  • Achieve no change in first pass rate, revenue neutral payout
  • Achieve no disruption to providers, accounts, billers, TPA, clearinghouse, members