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Healthcare Payer Consultants


Our Healthcare Payer Consultants have, on average, 9 years of Healthcare Payer experience

JAWOOD’s team of highly skilled technical recruiters specialize in acquiring the finest talent in support of healthcare payers. Our proficiency in supplying the best resources for Payers results from our extensive experience supporting the industry. We’ve used the in-depth knowledge of Payer systems and business process to hone our recruiting and selection skills. Our recruiting process includes screening for the intangibles our clients’ are seeking from their top performers. By screening for the details behind the job requirements, we ensure our placements are the best fit for your healthcare organization’s communication style, culture, and atmosphere. This attention to detail creates more successful outcomes for both our clients and our employees.

Healthcare Payer Consultant Specialties

  • Healthcare functional expertise
  • End to End testing expertise
  • EDI expertise
  • Claims, Benefits, Provider and Financial expertise
  • Accumulations and Pricing expertise
  • Detailed expertise in Benefit Structures
  • .NET and Web development
  • Developed Products for 5010 and ICD-10
  • Developed Parallel Test Payer Platform
  • Tested large projects involving the following:
         - EDI changes
         - 5010 implementation
         - TriZetto Facets
         - NASCO Processing System
         - Members Edge platform
         - Group wide Benefits changes


Healthcare Payer Specific Recruiting Network

JAWOOD’s recruiting network contains tens of thousands of resumes, of which approximately 20,000 are healthcare industry experienced. This is live data updated continuously and tracked through the use of our talent tracking system. JAWOOD's talent tracking system leverages the power of Web 2.0 technology, allowing our recruiters to take advantage of on-line data sources to connect and stay connected with a greater number of Healthcare experienced professionals.

Staying Ahead of the Demand

JAWOOD has invested in several areas proactively to stay ahead of the resource demand coming from the healthcare payer industry:

  • Internal Training Program:  We have implemented  an internal Healthcare IT Training Program (J-HITT). J-HITT offers IT workers new opportunity in the Healthcare IT industry by providing them training on testing within the healthcare claims systems, and then putting them on projects shadowing a Team Lead SME.   After one year of dedicated mentoring and training, we submit them as candidates.  There are those that are apparent leaders and excel more quickly. We recognize this and account for this by selective promotion.
  • Internal Recruiting and Sourcing Department:  JAWOOD has proactively implemented new layers for sourcing, recruiting, and managing new resource pools to meet the demand. (1) We have a team of  resources that strictly "source" referrals and new candidates through mining our network of employees, association memberships, LinkedIn, etc.  Linking them to our internal base of Sr. Recruiters allows for a more defined interview that qualifies the resource to ensure they meet our skills criteria.  (2)  The Sr. Recruiters provide a detailed level of screening, negotiating, and assessment prior to the technical interview.  (3) Once a candidate has met the goals established for a given role, a technical SME assists with the interview prior to forwarding the candidate to our client for consideration.   
  • Referral Programs: Jawood utilizes an aggressive referral process to attract resources for future requirements.   Our outstanding reputation in treating employees fairly and honestly, help to attract strong resources and enhances our referral program.  In sourcing a base of resources that meet the general types of requirements that healthcare payers have on a regular basis, we are in the ready position to provide qualified, reputable resources within the short turn around time requested.
  • Association Memberships: Networking through AHIP, state healthplan associations (i.e. MAHP),  or AHIMA, for resources within a given field of need:   JAWOOD is a member of most of these organizations and attends conferences on a quarterly basis to network, educate ourselves, and obtain opportunity for both new contacts in the employee field, and in the client base.  We believe that attending these forums is critical to continual education necessary in keeping up with the industry changes.


Healthcare Candidate Profiles

  • Healthcare Claims Resources
    From a high level review, approximately 20,000 resumes in our database are focused on healthcare claims resources. Within this, approximately half from our base have experience either as business analysts, systems analysts, programmer analysts, or claims analysts within the healthcare arena.
  • Facets / Diamond Resources
    Over 1,600 resumes were sourced with ("Facets" or "Trizetto" or "Diamond") experience
    Over 2,000 resumes were sourced with (NASCO or “National Account Service Company”) experience
  • Mainframe Programmer Base
    Searching our Mainframe Programmer base, we identified over 4,500 resumes with the search tag under Cobol mainframe programmer analysts in healthcare. Our ability to source mainframe programmers continues to be an extreme strength for JAWOOD.

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