Our solution combines decades of Payer testing expertise with advanced data analytics & conversion tools in support of the ICD-10 transition.

Our ICD-10 Data Analytics and Conversion solution leverages the FX ICD-10 Migrator, a technology product designed to help Healthcare IT organziations in the planning, business alignment, systems change management, and testing of ICD-10 migration activities.

Sophisticated Test Data Creation

 JAWOOD FX ICD-10 Migrator Test Data Creation

ICD-9 to ICD-10 Conversion

JAWOOD FX ICD-10 Migrator - ICD-9 to ICD-10 Conversion

Key Functionality of the FX ICD-10 Migrator Product


  • Report on most-used codes
  • Provide Statistics to help Test Team
  • Provides Demographic of 9 & 10 codes
  • Analyze large volumes of current claim data


  • CMS GEMS/ Plan specific mappings loaded
  • Powerful if-then rules engine for custom mappings


  • Generate ICD-10 data files
  • Use date driven logic
  • Generate multiple claims based on single input claim


  • Parallel Testing
  • Revenue Neutrality
  • Ability to load custom Reimbursement Files
  • Detail breakup of Groups, Heavy Hitter Codes, Provider, Benefit Categories