Our technology enables the seemless transition from 4010A1 to 5010

The FX 5010 Translation tool is an all-encompassing product that enables Healthcare organizations to transition from ANSI 4010A1 to the 5010 version seamlessly. Our product helps in the Business Analysis, Data Analysis, and entire Testing activities for the 5010 implementation. The Web based User Interface encompasses all the changes mandated for the 5010. It is customizable to small and large client requirements. Client specific EDI rules and conditions can be easily integrated into the product via the Web User Interface. The complex element based Rules Engine has very powerful functionality. The tool is flexible enough to address the client requirements and also adhere to the business rules mandated by HIPAA. A schema-based validation has been developed for checking the compliancy of the incoming and outgoing (5010) data.

 FX 5010 Translation

Features & Functionality

    • Subject matter expert supported
    • Achieve no change in first pass rate, revenue neutral payout, performance
    • Achieve no disruption to providers, accounts, billers, clearinghouse, members
    • Create perfect test bed data
    • Increase risk mitigation utilizing multiple testing preferences
    • Capture business/system requirements
    • Convert existing test beds
    • Automated high volume data conversion
    • Supports both 5010 & ICD-10
    • Supports all HIPAA transactions