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Jun 17

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JAWOOD is currently interviewing Information Technology professionals for their new healthcare training program. The JAWOOD Healthcare Information Technology Training program or J-HITT was developed to help meet the increasing demand for IT professionals with healthcare specific knowledge.

Over the past 22 years JAWOOD has built a unique knowledge and skill set which they attained through providing resources and consulting services to some of the nation’s largest Health Insurance Plans. “Our experience within healthcare payer organizations gives us the unique knowledge necessary to offer training based on real world requirements of the industry. This difference is the key to creating real career opportunities for IT professionals looking to break into healthcare, as well as meet the high quality standards our clients expect from us,” Erica Kingston, Director of Recruiting, JAWOOD.

Demand for experienced healthcare IT professionals has been fueled in part by Government mandates on Health Insurance Plans. Over the next 5 years, the industry must meet compliance with three large mandates: HIPAA 5010, ICD-10, and Healthcare Reform. Each mandate places its own set of challenges and talent demands on the industry. Responding to these challenges, JAWOOD has already launched new innovative ways to assist Health Insurance Plans in their compliance efforts including: full program/project management, testing, and assessment consulting services as well as robust software tools. “Our training program is another part of our ongoing dedication to providing innovative ways to help our clients overcome the challenges in the industry,” Blaine Mallat, SRVP/COO, JAWOOD.

J-HITT offers professionals with a background in information technology the opportunity to learn healthcare specific knowledge necessary for them to transition into new careers in the healthcare IT industry. The first class of trainees is expected to begin in June, 2011. The training will be held at JAWOOD’s Testing and Project Center (TPC), located in Bingham Farms, MI. Each trainee will undergo 1-3 months of training led by JAWOOD’s experienced healthcare subject matter experts (SMEs). At the end of the training phase, qualified trainees will advance to the mentorship phase of the J-HITT program. The trainees remain in the mentorship phase for 10-12 months, under the supervision of JAWOOD’s onsite SMEs. The J-HITT training program is FREE of charge to participating trainees. Compensation is provided to trainees during the program along with pay increases upon completion of each phase of the program. Upon the successful completion of the program, trainees are eligible for career opportunities with JAWOOD, working in the Healthcare IT industry. “We are very excited to offer this opportunity to displaced and non-Healthcare IT workers interested in attaining the skills necessary to join the growing Healthcare IT industry,” Lynn Mustazza, CEO, JAWOOD. “I’ve lived in Michigan my entire life and jumped at this opportunity to offer training and new jobs to our State’s workforce.”

The addition of the J-HITT program promises to help JAWOOD continue its 22 year trend of year over year growth. Currently the company employees over 400 resources with direct Healthcare systems and business process knowledge. Focused on expansion, JAWOOD has aggressive plans for growth. They already have plans to add 60-70 new jobs in the remainder of 2011 to meet current demand. In addition, JAWOOD is also projecting they will need to add an additional 150 more employees within the next 24 months to meet the demand of new opportunities. During these tough economic times it’s refreshing to learn how a metro-Detroit business is thriving and pioneering a way to create high tech jobs for Michigan workers.


JAWOOD provides information technology consulting services, project based solutions and staffing services nationwide with a significant concentration in the Health Insurance industry.  Certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise, JAWOOD has successfully provided solutions to its clients since 1989. JAWOOD’s success is fueled by the commitment of its people to meeting their client’s goals on time and within budget.



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