JAWOOD Moves to Protect Proprietary Methodology Used to Help Healthcare Payers Reduce Costs and Increase Quality Associated with IT Projects

Jul 3

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JAWOOD Business Process Solutions, LLC recently filed its APECK™ Methodology with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The APECK™ Methodology leverages repeatable processes that JAWOOD has cultivated and vetted through decades of healthcare payer support experience. Possible benefits APECK™ provides to healthcare payers include: the ability to achieve project cost reductions, improved testing and project delivery quality, and boost to member satisfaction.

"We’ve been using this [APECK™] methodology to deliver projects successfully for years. But now more than ever before, there is a demand for consulting vendors that have the healthcare payer specific knowledge and experience necessary to implement the changes caused by Government mandates," said Paul Kuligowski, Executive Director of JAWOOD’s Project Management Office and architect of the APECK™ Methodology. Paul continued, saying, "The official registration of APECK™ offers us [JAWOOD] the opportunity to protect, brand, and promote the methodology that we’ve built, and proven, utilizing the experiences and knowledge gained over JAWOOD’s 23 year history supporting payers."

The healthcare industry is facing many challenges. Political pressures continue to drive Government mandates creating industry-wide changes. These changes have immense impacts on the business processes and systems within healthcare payer organizations.

"Payers can achieve significant cost savings by leveraging our APECK™ methodology in conjunction with our other products services. Through our Testing and Project Center in Michigan, Payers have access to the best in resources, technology products, and repeatable processes available in the healthcare industry," said Ron Miller, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of JAWOOD.

Initially, JAWOOD plans to promote the APECK™ methodology to support testing and mandate compliance initiatives within healthcare payer organizations. Government mandates to the healthcare industry such as ICD-10, and Health Care Reform provide no shortage of opportunity for payers to take advantage of JAWOOD’s APECK™Methodology to support their individual implementation efforts.

Other notable products offered by JAWOOD: Healthcare Payer Resource Solutions, 5010 Contingency Solution, ICD-10 Revenue Neutrality, Data Analytics, Conversion Products, and A2A™ Assessment to Action™ project roadmap solutions.



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