JAWOOD Celebrates the Graduation of First Healthcare IT Training Class

May 31

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The JAWOOD Healthcare Information Technology Training program or J-HITT was developed to help meet the increasing demand for IT professionals with healthcare specific skills. This innovative training program leverages the in-depth healthcare knowledge JAWOOD has built in its 23 years supporting the healthcare industry through providing resources, consulting services, and technology products.

J-HITT officially launched the program in July of 2011, training non-healthcare information technology professionals on the specific skills required to work in the healthcare field. JAWOOD is proud to announce today, that of this first class, 80% have successfully completed the program and are now employed on projects supporting JAWOOD’s healthcare payer clientele.

"We are very proud of our first J-HITT graduating class; each of the graduates has worked very hard to complete months of rigorous class room, shadow, and mentorship training. The success of each of these graduates, which are now working for JAWOOD, supporting our healthcare clients is proof that the J-HITT concept works," said Lynn Mustazza, President and CEO of JAWOOD.

The demand for skilled healthcare IT professionals remains high, driven in large part by Government mandates including ICD-10 and Health Care Reform. As the Government enacts mandates on the healthcare industry the following result is often substantial changes to the information systems within health insurance and health care provider organizations. JAWOOD has invested significantly to develop innovative ways to meet these demands. "Our healthcare clients are experiencing powerful political pressures to increase quality of care and control or lower costs; this is why our dedication to providing innovative solutions that generate successful outcomes remains so high. We’ve invested significantly in our J-HITT program to develop skilled healthcare IT resources and continue to develop new technology products designed to aid in systems testing, project impact assessments, ICD-10 data analysis, ICD-10 revenue neutrality, and ICD-10 data conversion initiatives," said Blaine Mallat, SRVP and COO of JAWOOD.

The company is committed to continuing this successful cross-training program. To date JAWOOD has launched three J-HITT classes. To learn about career opportunities with JAWOOD or more about the J-HITT program please visit



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